Primiavi - Edible Bird's Nest Extract


Edible Bird's Nest (EBN) which is produced from the saliva of swiflets is commonly found in the Southeast Asian region including Malaysia.  It is considered as a great delicacy and effective medicine as well as beauty enhancer within the Chinese community throughout the world.   The earliest history of recorded EBN trading can be traced back to the year 1589 Admiral Cheng Ho sailed to Southeast Asia and brought back EBN from Indonesia as a gift to the Ming Dynasty's Emperor which opened up the trade of this valuable nest.  Some researchers have even stated that the trade can be traced back 1000 years ago during the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907). During that era, only the family of the Emperor and his minister had the privilege of consuming the highly priced bird's nest to maintaining their health and youthfulness. It is traditionally used to nourish kidneys, lungs, heart and stomach. The tonic powers of bird's nest are believed to improve skin complexion and slow the aging effect. Consuming EBN regularly can give a person exuberant physical and mental strength as well as to restore one's youthfulness.

Cleaning of EBN from its raw form is labour intensive and there is no guarantee of quality due to the variation arising from individual handling and technique. This means that during the cleaning (removing of feathers) process, the content of the EBN is not being preserved. Furthermore, the cooking process before consumption might destroy the valuable substance in the EBN.

Bird's nest contains several organic nutrients such as soluble glycoprotein and amino acid, and also minerals, such as zinc, copper, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium.

Traditional Chinese medicine doctors have been using bird's nests for centuries to treat respiratory ailments, such as asthma and bronchitis, to rejuvenate skin and to boost energy for both the young and old.

The investigations have provided good scientific evidence that supports the notion that the bird's nest can facilitate growth, replenish strength and vital energy, accelerate the recovery from disease and reinforce immunity.  The specific animal proteins in an edible bird's nest have the following 3 functions:

1) To stimulate the regeneration of cells.

2) To enhance cell-mediated immunity.

3) To enhance the resistance of an individual to X-irradiated damage.

This is the main reason why the proteins of other precious medicinal food like the sea cucumber, abalone, scallop and egg cannot be compared to those contained in the edible bird's nest.

The bird's nest help regulate the function of the endocrine system as well as other body functions.  They strengthen the body, moisturise the skin, maintain beauty, provide energy and enhance the metabolism of fat.  

The consumption of bird's nest during pregnancy can increase nutrition and improve overall health of mother and child and will give the infant a flexible mind.  Women consuming bird's nest after giving birth can recover more quickly and slim rapidly to help maintain their beauty.

The stomach and spleen of newborns function weakly. This can easily cause diarrhoea, and loss of appetite.  Feeding newborns with bird's nest that has been dissolved in milk can improve these deficiencies.  Babies that are 6 months' old can be fed with rice porridge or congee containing bird's nest.

Children require more nutrition during their growing period. Being fed with bird's nests can help strengthen the body and stimulate the growth of the brain.  Edible bird's nest not only tastes good but when served with rock sugar, fresh milk or oatmeal aids digestion and constipation.

For youngsters, frequent consumption of bird's nest can enhance metabolism, strengthen various body functions and reinforce immunity.  Besides, it can also smooth the skin and maintain eternal beauty.  People, who are highly stressed and are busy in study and work can alleviate tiredness, relieve spiritual pressure and recover body strength through frequent consumption of bird's nest.

Bird's nest are also beneficial to people who have just recovered from illness, who are old and weak, who suffer from asthma and who are always catching cold or influenza.  A regular diet of bird's nest can help alleviate asthma, promotes smooth breathing, expel phlegm, recover vital energy and extend longevity.  If is particularly effective to those who have sleep disorders, bronchitis, cough or hangover.  Bird's nest also show obvious therapeutic effects to help moisturise and replenish the lung and clear away intestinal heat.

In summary:

For expecting mothers:
1) It helps to strengthen the body of mothers and foetus
2) Mothers can recover faster post-birth due to Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)

For women:
1) It results in fairer and more radiant skin as bird's nest is rich in collagen, protein and vitamins
2) Women who frequently consume bird's nest also have smoother skin, and are more youthful and radiant (prevent wrinkles, rejuvenate complexion) 
3) It also improves organ performance, e.g. lungs, kidneys and heart

For men:
1) It improves kidneys and strengthens lungs

For children:
1) It strengthens the immune system
2) It helps prevent common cold and flu, and alleviate asthma
3) It also reduces fatigue and improves focus

For elderly:
1) It helps in maintain general health and well-being
2) It prevents cancer, strengthen the lungs and kidneys, improves quality of spleen, clears phlegm, aids digestion and enhance appetite